If Arrested, Avoid These 4 Common Mistakes

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If you have been arrested, you are probably experiencing a lot of stress and have a lot of questions surrounding your case. That stress and confusion could lead you to making mistakes that could result in negative consequences for your case. In this difficult time, it is imperative that you fully assess your situation and avoid these 4 common mistakes:

1. Taking Legal Avice From Family & Friends

You might want to get advice from family and friends about how you should proceed after being arrested. You might know someone who has been arrested and think that they would be able to advise you. This is a bad strategy and may cost you more in time and money, in the long run. Get an attorney with expertise in your type of case. 

2. Not Working With An Attorney

This is a difficult time for you, and you will be under a lot of stress as you move through the judicial system. Don’t try to be a superstar and do it alone. Call a criminal defense lawyer, and get them on board… the sooner, the better! Before you know it, you’ll be working with your attorney to navigate plea deals, bail hearings, evidence, and all the rest. They do this for a living, and they are familiar with what steps you need to take to minimize the impact to yourself and your family. 

3. Talking Too Much

Don’t trip yourself up by talking. You might think that what you say is not a big deal, and doesn’t matter to your case. The thing is… you don’t know what will or won’t be incriminating. You also don’t know who you should trust at this time. Don’t make it any easier for them to prosecute your case. The only person you should talk to about your case is your lawyer. 

4. Agreeing To Cooperate

You may be asked to cooperate with authorities, or give them other information about your case or another case. Do not agree to cooperate unless your attorney is present and advises you to do so. This can backfire on you, and work against you. Always consult with your lawyer before striking any deals, or agreeing to any plea arrangements.

There is much to remember when you are under pressure. But, remember it is critical that you keep these points in mind, and that you get an attorney to help you ASAP!

Questions about pending criminal charges? Call (713) 300-9291 today for a free consultation and answers to all your questions.

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