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"Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied"

- William E. Gladstone

Our Goal at Cammack Law Firm:

Our goal here at Cammack Law Firm is to help our clients get back to maintaining a lifestyle that was similar to the one before any criminal record. By working with us, we will help you to get your life back to the way it was before it was burdened by any mistakes that you may have made. With Texas laws on Expunctions and Non-disclosures constantly changing, it is important that you retain counsel quickly to help the issue get resolved as quickly as possible.

Expungement & Non-Disclosures with Cammack Law Firm:

When applying for jobs, renting or buying a home, or filling out an application for a loan, a criminal background check will likely be initiated. Unfortunately, when running a criminal background check, even the most minor crimes will show up which will put a halt on the progress of any application. 


Here at Cammack Law Firm, the attorneys will assess and determine whether or not you or a loved one can qualify for either a Non-disclosure Order or an Expungement (also known as an Expunction in Texas). If you qualify for either a Non-Disclosure Order or an Expungement, the attorneys here will work diligently to help you or your loved one’s criminal record be erased completely or will prevent the disclosure of certain offenses to officials by sealing the offenses.

A brief summary on Orders for Non-disclosures in Texas:

An Order for Non-disclosure prevents officials from disclosing the presence of an offense to others. This differs from an Expungement because an Order for Non-disclosure does not permanently erase the offense from your criminal record as an Expungement does, but rather it prevents the offense from ever being disclosed. So technically, if you qualify for an Order for Non-disclosure, the offense will still be on your record, but it will not be disclosed to your employer, loan officer, landlord, court, or anyone who is requesting it. However, there are certain exceptions for agencies who are authorized for disclosure, but these situations are limited. 

Nonetheless, do not get discouraged! While an Order for Non-disclosure does not have the same effects as an Expungement has, and order for Non-disclosure seals the records of the offense and acts as a shield from most individuals from ever seeing it.

A brief summary on Expungements in Texas:

An Expungement permanently erases an offense from your criminal record. Once an Expungement becomes official, no agency, person, employer, police department, court, or even prosecutor will ever be able locate the offense. In other words, the Expungement acts as is the offense never existed. Qualifying for an Expungement is a great way for someone who wants a fresh start. 


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