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"Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied"

- William E. Gladstone

White collar crimes serve a broad spectrum of offenses ranging from securities scams to bribery, fraud, counterfeiting and more. Many of these offenses are unique to their cause, but all of them have one thing in common. They are financial in nature meaning the ulterior motive was to benefit financially by using illegal actions. Also, these crimes are differentiated from being connected to violent crimes.There is no physical harm installed in these crimes which give them precedence towards a white collar crime. So what are the types white collar crimes?

White Collar Crimes can be charged as a Misdemeanor or a Felony depending on the circumstances surrounding the charge. This includes, among other things, prior criminal history, the severity of the injuries, and relationship to the complainant or victim. This means that the punishment range can vary from a fine to potentially a prison sentence depending on how the offense is charged, and of course the quality of your criminal defense attorney and Houston White Collar Crimes Lawyer.

Example of White Collar Crimes


Examples of White Collar Crimes

There are plenty of similarities of white collar crimes, but the differences of these offenses are unique to each crime. A portion of the more common subjects for white collar crimes charged in state court are:

Credit Card Fraud

When you utilize another individual’s credit card or debit card without consent, you submit an unlawful act under Texas law. The means by which this can be accomplished varies from case to case. This can meaning stealing and using the physical card, the card number, selling the card information in any way, counterfeiting credit cards, forging a signature for financial gain, and various financial crimes. A portion of the charge card crimes are classified as grand theft due to the underlying nature of the crime, while other crimes are based on the amount of money valued in the case which increase the charge.


When you think of bribery, you probably think of another accepting money in order to influence another’s actions to one’s benefit. Types of bribery include paying to have a court case influence towards a specific direction, to paying for someone who influence a job position against a competitor. Public corruption is considered a felony if government entities are tied to the case. In addition, commercial bribery is a crime. It comprises of giving, taking or requesting something of value to impact an individual to utilize his situation for a degenerate reason, without the learning of his manager. It tends to be charged as a misdemeanor or a lawful offense such as a felony.


Embezzlement is the act of obtaining money for a purpose then using the money for your own benefit and not for the intentions or agreed upon usage.This is a form of theft.

Bad Checks

You are considered a wobbler if you pass a bad check. A wobbler is the passing of a bad check with the intent to fraud for one’s benefit.

How A Houston, TX Lawyer Can Defend A White Collar Criminal Charge

The hidden subject in most white collar cases is the nearness of a paper trail that can help – or hurt – the defense. Understanding accounting standards, and having the option to investigate, digest and formulate a viable defense strategy is essential on the off chance that you are facing such a charge. That’s the place we come in. Cammack Law Firm is an accomplished Houston, TX criminal defense attorney who understands how best to safeguard against white collar charges. Call today for a free consultation.


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