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In Texas criminal law, there is no such thing as ”Assault and Battery”, and if you are charged in Houston or any of its surrounding areas the offense is just called an Assault. The Texas Penal Code allows the government to arrest and charge someone with assault if they believe a person:

(1)  intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly causes bodily injury to another, including the person’s spouse;

(2)  intentionally or knowingly threatens another with imminent bodily injury, including the person’s spouse;  or

(3)  intentionally or knowingly causes physical contact with another when the person knows or should reasonably believe that the other will regard the contact as offensive or provocative.

Tex. Penal Code 22.01(a)

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Assault can be charged as a Misdemeanor or a Felony depending on the circumstances surrounding the charge. This includes, among other things, prior criminal history, the severity of the injuries, and relationship to the complainant or victim. This means that the punishment range can vary from a fine to potentially a prison sentence depending on how the offense is charged, and of course the quality of your criminal defense attorney and Houston Assault Lawyer.

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For assault charges in Houston, the defense lawyer that you choose is very crucial and critical to your freedom. Cammack Law Firm has defended several hundred cases, with a prestigious proven track record related to assault charge defense in Houston and Harris County. 

After being charged in a criminal court for assault, you may be extremely scared and frightened, more than likely unsure as to what your next move should be. Especially if you have never been arrested and have no record of committing a crime.  

More times than not, criminal investigators on behalf of the local police department that originally arrested you for your assault charge, will interview and investigate your story. It is at this time that you lawyer up and try to avoid incriminating yourself!

Cammack Law Firm will fight to defend you and ensure that the truth about your case is properly communicated between yourself and the magistrate. Hire a Houston Assault Lawyer that you can trust.

NOTE: This information is not intended to be legal advice and is merely used for general educational purposes. For legal advice about a specific case call Houston criminal defense attorney Brandon R. Cammack at 713-300-9291 or schedule a free consultation online.

Assault Lawyer in Houston

During the intake process, a Houston County jailer will get down your inmate information and book you into their systems. The booking process typically takes anywhere from 4-6 hours, depending on the time of day and day of the week. Some days you can be processed faster, some days it slower due to the jail being busy. If you’ve been arrested, call Brandon R. Cammack with Cammack Law Firm today. What we don’t recommend is you waiting it out until you go in front of a judge for your arraignment and attempt to speak to the judge without consulting with an experienced Houston Attorney. Assault in Texas can lead to serious prison or jail time and as your defense, we will do whatever we can within our legal power to bring justice to you and your loved ones.

What Do I Do After I've Been Arrested?

After any arrest, as your attorney and law firm, we will advise you to stay put in jail and either call a local bail bondsman to reach out to us or if you know our number, call us immediately. Attorney Brandon R. Cammack can get you out of jail within the same day. We have the largest network of agents that will bond you out of the Houston County jail at any given moment.

Our Houston Assault firm can help you:

  1. Your Houston Lawyer will seek justice after being falsely accused of a crime you did not commit.
  2. Lessen your sentencing with experienced and aggressive representation.
  3. Put together a solid plan of action to prove your innocence against your Houston Assault arrest and court hearing.


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