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Are you currently facing a felony crime or undergoing felony criminal investigations in the city of Houston? Brandon Cammack of Cammack Law Firm specializes in representing and successfully defending felony criminal charges. Call now to schedule a free case evaluation. This page is dedicated to providing free educational content, but is not to be misconstrued as legal advice. If you are facing a felony charge in a Houston court room, contact Felony Criminal Defense Attorney Brandon Cammack of Cammack Law Firm today for immediate assistance.  

Felony Basics You Need To Understand

In the United States and in the state of Texas, criminal activities are broken down into two types of categories. 1 of those 2 are felony charges. A felony is considered on the higher tier or crimes that an individual can commit. The consequences if found guilty of a Felony charge are much more severe than the other type of charge which would be a “misdemeanor”. An example of a felony charge would be a DUI with bodily injuries, terrorist threats, assault, burglary or murder. If you are facing any of these charges or are facing a different type of felony charge, please visit our contact us page today to call us to schedule a free case evaluation.

Here Are The Consequences If Found Guilty Of A Felony Crime

If you are found guilty of committing a felony crime in the city of Houston, you are typically facing at least one year of prison time, however, your sentencing can start off at a much higher length of time. The Houston Criminal Defense Lawyers at Cammack Law Firm are here to assist you in potentially shortening your sentencing or having your case dismissed entirely. Aside from serving time for your case, an individual can also expect to pay fines and other restitution fee’s if found guilty. As a felon, you are limited to the places you can work in the future and have certain privileges revoked such as being able to legally own a firearm as an American citizen. Do you have any additional questions regarding your case? Give us a call or visit our local office in Houston today to schedule your appointment. 


Reasons to Hire a Felony Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you’ve been investigated, questioned, arrested or charged with a felony crime, you should hire a felony attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney can:

  • Explain your legal rights
  • Accompany you to all court appearances, including your arraignment, pre-trial hearings and at trial
  • Collect and examine evidence, and interview witnesses in an effort to defend you at trial
  • With your permission, attempt to negotiate a plea bargain with prosecutors, which would allow you to plead guilty to lesser charges in exchange for a lesser punishment
  • Discuss your legal options during the criminal process, explain the advantages and disadvantages of each option and help you decide which options to pursue

Because of the serious consequences of a felony conviction, you should speak to a felony criminal defense attorney as soon as you learn you’re the subject of a criminal investigation or immediately after being arrested.

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If you are facing either felony or misdemeanor charges in a Harris County Courtroom, give Cammack Law Firm a call today for legal representation and to schedule a free, no-obligation case evaluation with Brandon Cammack, managing attorney at Cammack Law Firm. You deserve a fighting chance for your freedom. Our attorneys are experienced and have the legal skills that your case needs for a successful verdict in court. 

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