Criminal Defense Areas Of Practice

Our legal practice covers numerous areas of the criminal law, including the following:


Driving while under the influence of a controlled substance or alcohol is illegal in the state of Texas. If found guilty, you can be sentenced to serve county jail time, receive a fine from the Harris County court house, sentenced to probation for 2 years, lose your driver’s license and….read more about our Houston DUI Attorney

Domestic Violence

When an officer is called on a domestic violence call, they are always prepared to make an arrest the minute they assess the situation. More often than not, the officer that is on the scene will not investigate to see who the actual aggressor is, but make an arrest based off of accusations. Without proper investigation, making an arrest without seeking true evidence can lead to many false arrests. read more about our Houston Domestic Violence Attorney


The war on drugs has lead to serious repercussions if you are found guilty of a drug crime in Harris County Texas. Determining the sentence for a drug offense can be extremely complicated due to a series of factors that come into play such as: what type of drug was used or found? How much of the drug was found on your property/possession? What location were you at when arrested with the possession of the illegal substance? read more about our Houston Drug Defense Attorney 

Assault, Battery & Violent Crimes

If you were arrested and currently being charged with assault, battery or a violent crime and found guilty, you can expect a severe sentencing. Assault, battery and other violent crimes can have an extreme impact on your life if found guilty. Read more about our Houston Assault, Battery and Violent Crime Attorney


Many weapons charges include the possession of a weapon without legal permission, carrying violations such as carrying a loaded firearm in public, the illegal sale of a gun among others. Learn more about our Houston Gun Possession Lawyer


When an individual uses force or has made threats in order to take another’s personal property, the state of Texas defines that as a clear act of robbery. If you have been accused of burglary, robbery or any kind of theft, hiring an experienced lawyer is your best chance at securing minimal charges for your case. Learn more about our Houston Burglary Attorney


Fraud in its simplest form is defined as the use of misrepresentation for an individuals personal gain. Most fraud cases that are sent to trial are usually monetary in the cases nature, but can also have immediate involvement in authority, the transfer of property or official favors. Have you been arrested on fraud charges? Learn more about our Houston Fraud Attorney 

White Collar Crimes

Many of the white collar crimes are within the financial crimes such as identity theft and fraud via credit card. White collar crimes also fall under the internet stalking crimes, child pornography  and other felonies and misdemeanors. Learn more about our Houston White Collar Crime Attorney


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Our Commitment Starts With Proof


Recognized in 2017 as one of the Top 10 Criminal Defense Attorneys Under 40 by the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorney’s after successfully defending hundreds of criminal cases.


The outcome of your case depends on the quality of your lawyer and how much time and focus they provide to your case. We are available 24/7 to all of our clients and work around the clock to give you a world class legal defense.

Results Driven

“A jury consists of twelve persons chosen to decide who has the better lawyer.” - Robert Frost. We define success through our case results. Cammack Law Firm strives to consistently get Dismissals, No Bills, and Not Guilty verdicts for our clients.

Houston Attorneys Near You, Free Case Evaluations

When you are being charged with a crime that you did not commit or facing severe consequences that do not add us to the criminal charges you are facing, it is suggested that you hire an attorney that will fight by your side until the very end. While your case may be causing severe anxiety, depression and fear, you can hire Brandon Cammack, a local Houston criminal defense lawyer to help you either lessen the sentencing that you are facing or have your case dismissed in its entirety. 

The Houston based firm at Cammack Law Firm is here to help. We listen and care about you and your case. We’ll review all of the facts and supporting evidence that you provide and can will conduct an honest case evaluation that completely goes over the specifics of your case and what we think you should do. 

  • We always develop a strategy and game plan that you can follow while in court.
  • We understand the local magistrates and know exactly what needs to be said and done in order to successfully negotiate a plea bargain.
  • We are not afraid to take your case to trial if we do not receive the judgement that we want.

Don’t fight your case in the dark. Our firm is here to help you from the very beginning to the end. You’ll be updated with the progress of your case and we will always place your freedom and best interests at the forefront of your criminal case. 

It is with great pleasure we at Cammack Law Firm can present our hard work and dedication to our clients. Above and beyond is what it takes to successfully secure your case and we will never strive for anything less. With over a 98.5% success rate we promise teo deliver value to you. Don’t leave your case, your career, your future and your family to luck or change. Call Cammack Law Firm today to see what we can do for you and your case.


Dedicated Attorneys, At Your Service

Are you currently facing Felony or Misdemeanor criminal charges in Harris County? Whether you have been arrested for DUI, assault, drugs, burglary or another offense, the criminal defense attorneys at Cammack Law Firm can help you today. Founder and managing attorney Brandon Cammack is a highly experienced and aggressive criminal lawyer that understands exactly what it takes from your defense, in order to receive a successful verdict. Whether you want to completely prove your innocence by dismissal of your case, reduce the charges you are being accused of or receive a not guilty verdict. 

When law enforcement or prosecutors formulate the charges that you are being faced with, it is very common that a simple charge such as a DUI can quickly turn into a DUI with bodily injuries and evading a police officer. While the later carries much more sentencing and weight in a court room, it is suggested by most that you retain a criminal defense attorney that can lessen the charges you are facing in court. This is where being aggressive in your defense, knowing how to negotiate with the DA and having a strong and established reputation in Houston come into play. Hire Cammack Law Firm today to have a lawyer that you can confidently rely on by your side. 

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