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Are you currently facing Felony or Misdemeanor criminal charges in Harris County? Whether you have been arrested for DUI, assault, drugs, burglary or another offense, the criminal defense attorneys at Cammack Law Firm can help you today. Founder and managing attorney Brandon Cammack is a highly experienced and aggressive criminal lawyer that understands exactly what it takes from your defense, in order to receive a successful verdict. Whether you want to completely prove your innocence by dismissal of your case, reduce the charges you are being accused of or receive a not guilty verdict. 

Brandon Cammack Houston Criminal Defense Attorney

When law enforcement or prosecutors formulate the charges that you are being faced with, it is very common that a simple charge such as a DUI can quickly turn into a DUI with bodily injuries and evading a police officer. While the later carries much more sentencing and weight in a court room, it is suggested by most that you retain a criminal defense attorney that can lessen the charges you are facing in court. This is where being aggressive in your defense, knowing how to negotiate with the DA and having a strong and established reputation in Houston come into play. Hire Cammack Law Firm today to have a lawyer that you can confidently rely on by your side. 

How Brandon Cammack Became

Before establishing Cammack Law Firm, PLLC, Brandon was licensed in Texas State Courts and the Federal Court for the Southern District of Texas. He earned invaluable experience working for one of Houston’s prominent criminal defense lawyers, handling a complex caseload ranging from misdemeanors to felonies and appeals.

Brandon understands that every case he has handled is the biggest case in the world for the person who is fighting against it. Brandon’s empathy for people in dire need and his fighting attitude become clear from the moment you speak with him. The case results, client testimonials, and accolades are all a byproduct of his unwavering desire to help those in need. If you or your loved one has been arrested and charged with a crime and these are the qualities you are looking for in Houston criminal defense attorney call Brandon for a consultation.

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